Sunday, 27 October 2013

Second experiment in video podcasting

As explained in an earlier post, I'm taking part in a trial of video capturing of lectures and other material using Panopto software. In another blog entry I posted a link to my first experiment, an extract from a lecture. The link takes students to the Panopto viewer, in which they can view my Powerpoint slides and a video of me. 

In my second experiment I wanted to create some learning material at home, for my students to review between live sessions. All I wanted was Powerpoint slides with a voiceover - I felt that a head and shoulders of me from my webcam wouldn't convey much extra meaning, if any. In contrast the first experiment was a recording of an "event", a live talk with audience interaction, and in that case I felt there was some value to me being visible.

So I had decided on Powerpoint plus voice. To do this I recorded the presentations on Panopto in the same way as for lectures. Panopto offers the following output formats:
  • Panopto web viewer
  • Video podcast (view, download, embed, subscribe to folder via iTunes or RSS)
  • Audio podcast (play, download, subscribe to folder via iTunes or RSS)
I selected video podcast (secondary video only - that's the Powerpoint). I tried the embed code but wasn't very happy with the results in Blackboard, so I just copied the address as a hyperlink. However here is one of my podcasts as an embedded video:

This is the second of two video podcasts. The first one revised some a range of basic system modelling tools that students had covered last year - Rich Picture, Stakeholder Analysis etc. In this second podcast I talked about a voluntary organisation and applied these modelling tools to the case study. 

I'll be interested to see what use the students make of these podcasts, and what use they make of the modelling techniques - I should get some idea from a formative assignment that is due to be handed in next week.

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